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At Emperor Stone, we provide customised kitchen stone benchtops and islands, bathroom vanities and splashbacks that would impress every visitor! We are the leading Stone Benchtops suppliers in the Adelaide area. 

Indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen or office kitchen we have an impressive range of stone benchtops in Adelaide that will accomplish your dream kitchen demands.

Our professional craftsmanship will add an aesthetic value to your brand new home. We provide beautiful stones that are stain, heat and impact resistant, and you can rely on them for years.

Custom Kitchen Benchtops in Adelaide:

Emperor stone offers a wide variety of Stone Kitchen Benchtops in Adelaide and customises them according to your cooking needs. We use high-tech machines to ensure desired polish and finishing. Our professionals give their best effort to design elegant and high-quality custom Kitchen benchtops in Adelaide.

We can custom fit and install a stunning stone benchtop at your place at an affordable price. An elegant and high-quality custom benchtop is not a dream anymore. After all, your kitchen needs as much attention as any other room in your house. 

A Custom Kitchen Benchtops will give a tailored finish experience, crafted just for you. Emperor stone is the first choice for upgrading your home with a perfect Stone Kitchen Benchtop in Adelaide.



Engineered Stone Benchtops in Adelaide:

When the beauty of natural marble meets the durability of Quartz, what we get is the best Kitchen Stone benchtop material, widely known as Engineered Stone. A beautifully designed Engineered stone Benchtop can add style to your luxurious home.

Engineered Stone Benchtops Adelaide are the perfect choice for your food prep, as they resist water and stains. The solid surface of engineered stone does not have any imperfections and pores. Hence, there are fewer chances of germs building up on the countertops.

Engineered Stone Benchtops are very hard and resistant to heat, making them an excellent alternative to marble and granite.

Emperor stone has a variety of Engineered Benchtops Adelaide, including Technik Stone, CaesarStone®, EssaStone® Silestone®, Smart Stone®, Quantum Quartz, Granite and Marble. We bring you the best-engineered stone Benchtops to complement your kitchen space.



How does it work?

After the customer requirements are finalised we operate laser-guided measurement instruments and other digital cutting machines to precisely recreate your size, shape, edge profile and sink cut-out requests.

When it comes to colours, our selection is as wide as it can be, but it is also at an affordable price because we import technique stone and granite directly and also source other materials locally. Once you’ve selected the stone, you can review the corresponding colour options in our Stone Gallery and let your imagination run wild.

What’s more?

Apart from the exclusive range of stone kitchen Benchtops in Adelaide, we also offer quality products for bathroom vanity, splashbacks and island benchtops.

Custom-designed Island Benchtops, kitchen splashbacks and bathroom vanities are outstanding examples of our excellent craftsmanship.

If you are looking for affordable stone benchtops in the Adelaide area – don’t worry; we have something suitable for you.

We provide only the highest quality to our customers! Just check some of our customer testimonials and reviews and see for yourself. We strive for excellence, and customer satisfaction is our reward!




1. Natural Stone or engineered stone , which one is better for my kitchen Benchtop?

Natural stone and engineered stone both have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon the cost, durability and appearance requirements, you may select the one that suits your kitchen space.

2. Do I need sealing for natural stone for my stone Kitchen benchtop?

Yes. As the natural stones are more delicate than the Engineered stone, they require sealing for a long life of kitchen benchtops. Sealing preserves natural stones from stains and etching by blocking the liquids and oils entering the minute pores.

3. Which material should I choose for my kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities?

Well, it depends on your vision and basic requirements. Many customers select Quartz for a modern look and granite for the traditional touch in bathrooms and kitchens.

4. How to clean my island benchtops and kitchen splashbacks?

A clean damp cloth and regular dishwasher will do a good job of cleaning stains on the granite surface of your island benchtops.

5. Can I put hot pots and pans directly on my stone benchtops?

We do not recommend putting hot pans directly on the stone Kitchen benchtops, as the sudden change in the temperature can break the stone and develop cracks.

6. Will there be noticeable joins on my kitchen stone Benchtops?

We make the best effort to keep the need for joins minimum without compromising the quality of the stone piece. Our Stonemasons are experts in creating custom kitchen benchtops without visible joins.

We offer a free quote, so if you have something in mind – contact us via phone, email or send us an online message with your requirements. Keep in mind that once the quotation is finalised the standard installation lead time is one to two weeks.

We don’t compromise with quality and neither, should you!

Our history

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Emperor Stone is a granite and stone benchtop manufacturing company operating in the Adelaide area. We are specializing in the creation of superior kitchen benchtops and islands, bathroom vanities and splashbacks that can be customized according to your requirements.

We are able to deliver all your kitchen top stone plans and requirements to their successful realization.

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