How do I clean my kitchen benchtop?

The use of a damp cloth dipped in warm water or a mild detergent is recommended for cleaning the stone bench tops.

Can I stand or sit on my benchtop?

One should always refrain from putting excessive weight on the bench top. The benchtop might crack and this might also possibly damage the underlying cabinet structure.

What is meant by sealing the benchtop?

Sealing means coating the surface of the stone with a special waxy material. Granite and Marble require regular sealing to prevent liquid substances entering the minute pores and this preventing decolouration. Please contact us if you need to seal your benchtop.

What types of stones are technik stone,Caesarstone®, EssaStone®, SileStone®, SmartStone® and Quantum Quartz®?

These are all types of manufactured stones. These are available in a wide range of colours, have a consistent look & feel and are more shock resistant due to the use of a special bonding material. These stones are the most popular types amongst our customers.

What is the difference between Granite, Marble and Engineered Stone?

Granite and Marble are natural stone whereas Engineered Stone is a manufactured stone. Granite is denser than marble. Granite and manufactured stones are the most durable stones.

Can hot pots damage the stone?

No. As we can’t put hot stuff on the bench top.

How much maximum overhang can I have for a kitchen benchtop?

The recommended overhang is not more than 1 foot.

Can a stone benchtop be repaired for scratches, chips or cracks?

Yes, although a lot depends on the nature of the damage. After having a look at the damage we can advise you of a possible solution.

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