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Smart stone is an excellent exterior material that is made from 93% quartz. This engineered stone is mixed with resins and colouring to bring that premium look for your home. In addition, it is even cheaper than natural stone.

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Emperor Stone is one of the leading suppliers of Smartstone in Adelaide and the surrounding area. Here is what you get by choosing Smartstone:

A Very Reliable Surface

The stone is exquisitely engineered to bring superiority that needs low maintenance. Smartstone kitchen benchtops are suitable for every modern home and are preferred by designers, builders and architects from all around the world.

Smartstone Benchtops are very durable as quartz is one of the hardest materials on Earth. They are scratch and impact resistant so you will never again worry about dropping something heavy in your kitchen. Invest in your tranquility with Emperor Stone.

In addition Smartstone is a non-porous stone, so dropping your glass of wine on it wouldn’t cause any more stress. This type of material will never need waxing or sealing, just like that!

What is Our Role?

Emperor Stone offers all kinds of sizes and thickness that can be used for benchtops, kitchen islands, splashbacks and bathroom vanities. We work with modern laser measurement tools and can customize every Smartstone tile per request. Whatever you want – we have it!

Smartstone is manufactured according to Australian standards and is NSF Certtified, so you can be sure that the production quality is high. This engineered stone is also tested by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization(CSIRO) for its resistance to stains, heat and chemicals.

All The Colours You Want

We provide a very wide range of Smartstone colours that will suit every home or business building. They are divided into four groups – Santorini, Toledo, Paris and Milan, all in different nuances and impact on your interior.

One of the most preferred alternatives from our clients are the Toledo Almendra, Paris Ceniza, Milan Athena and Milan Delphi. We also provide Smartstone Calacatta options that look very well in all kinds of rooms. View the rest of our options like the Paris Nombre, Santorini Vanilla and Toledo Gelsomino in our Stone Gallery. Want a all white bathroom – then the Santorini Absolute blanc is just the thing for you.

At Emperor Stone we want the best for our customers and provide high quality products with a 10+ year warranty.

Already have an idea about your new Smartstone kitchen or bathroom? Contact us via phone or email and tell us your requirements. Together we can make your dream house come to life!

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