Stone Benchtops

Stone Benchtops

If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen or you are setting up your first home you should focus on a more modern look that will be cool for a lot of years to come. After all, we don’t do such big upgrades that often. Nowadays Stone Kitchen Benchtops are essential for any contemporary looking kitchen and we provide just that.

If you are considering Kitchen Benchtops, at Emperor Stone we create and offer customized benchtops from various materials like Granite, technik stone, Caesarstone®, EssaStone®, SileStone®, SmartStone®, Quantum Quartz® and Marble. All of them are excellently engineered and are a perfect fit for every state-of-the-art kitchen!

Some of the benefits that come from having kitchen stone benchtops are:


No matter of the style or color pattern of your kitchen at Emperor Stone we have a stone type and color that will fit just perfectly. Don’t compromise with your desires – choose any suitable combo of thickness, form, sink cut-out and edge profile and we will create your dream benchtop, customized just for you.

When it comes to colour we provide a wide range of granite, technik stone, caesarstone® and essastone® colours that will match the rest of your kitchen.

We don’t compromise with quality and so should you!

Splash Resistance

With our premium products you will never again have to worry about spilling something on your benchtop. Most of the materials we offer are spill resistant. We also offer sealing on granite if required.


As we said before, we don’t make such big upgrades every year. This is why it is a better idea to use materials that are dependable and will last for years. For example quartz is one of the most durable (hardest) materials to ever exist most of the engineered stones that we provide (like SileStone) are also made mostly of quartz.

If you are looking for Stone Benchtops in Adelaide you’ve came to the right place! We supply all towns and suburbs around Adelaide, South Australia with high-quality stone bechtops.

Already have an idea? Contact us via e-mail or phone and let’s discuss the parameters. Another option is to just drop us an online message with your requirements.

Describe your dream benchtop and we will bring that dream to life!

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