Machine & Tech

Cutting and Polishing

We use a computer controlled machine (Intermac Master 33) to cut and polish the stone. we ensure you get the product you want for your kitchen and/or bathroom.

Cutting Machine

The SPIN 625 CNC is a 5 interpolated axis simple and compact bridge cutter, ideal for the production of kitchen tops, vanity tops, shower trays and claddings for the building industry in marble, granite and artificial stone. It allows to perform several types of processing such as orthogonal cuts up to 200 mm thickness, oblique, circular, elliptical, inclined, together with milling, drilling and straight, concave, convex, arched or elliptical shapes.

The SPIN 625 CNC is equipped with inverter controlled electro-spindle and is fitted with diamond tools, such as an end mill, excavation wheel and horizontal blade. Thanks to X and Y axes sliding system on linear guides with recirculating balls and racks with hardened and ground steel teeth both with automatic centralized grease lubrication, the SPIN 625 CNC allows to obtain finished products extremely fine and precise. The motion is given by brushless motors coupled to high precision gearboxes. It is supplied complete with a series of optional and hot-galvanized monoblock structure that does not require foundations, allowing installation and startup in a very short time.

Polishing Machine

Edge shaper and polisher for flat and convex edges of marble, granite and synthetic stones.

This machine can carry out all the operations needed for the shaping and polishing of flat and rounded edges. The EPR 3500 is a fine combination of mechanical, electrical and software engeneering. It can shape and polish convex edges on the stone using flat polishing tools, the machine has the fastet patented automatic tool change in the market. It has a patented motor that can retract and extend his shaft pneumatically, and uses different pressures to adjust the work load of tools on the stone. It can be programmed in any angle and position on your edge to achieve incredible quality results.

Taking Measurements

For doing measurements we use a laser guided measuring machine (Proliner) for accurate measurements.

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