Technik Engineered Stone

Granite is generally a hard stone and has gained immense popularity for construction purposes. The color of granites can vary from pink to gray to black depending on the composition of the stone.

Most granites are denser than marble. The darker the color of the stone the denser it is. The following varities are very dense – Absolute Black, Black Pearl, Black Galaxy. These varieties do not require frequent sealing.

Kashmir White, Ghiblee, Sesam White are slightly porous and require regular sealing.

The recommended thickness for natural granite benchtops is 30 mm and splashbacks is 20 mm.

Marble looks beautiful but is generally porous and more susceptible to stains. Marble requires regular sealing to maintain the colour. Due to the advantages of granite and manufactured stone, marble is the least favourite amongst our customers. However, we do sell and make marble benchtops.

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