Caesarstone is a very durable marble manufactured from 93% natural quartz, color pigments and resin coating. Our company, Emperor Stone is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of polished Caesarstone countertops in the Adelaide area.

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Set up beautiful new white Caesarstone benchtops, bathroom vanities or splashbacks with us. Here are some of the benefits that come from choosing Emperor Stone:


We provide a wide variety of  Caesarstone Calacatta tiles that will fit perfectly your new bathroom or kitchen. Caesarstone is also suitable for commercial spaces like bars, discotheques and business buildings that should look fancier than the competition. In general, we can offer size, shape and thickness options for every taste and house needs. We poses the needed equipment to fully customize every Caesarstone piece and this is why we are preferred by many architects, designers, builders and houseowners. We want our designs to inspire the artist in you!

A Very Reliable Material

Because it is made from mostly natural quartz, Caesarstone is a very durable surface that would withstand almost all challenges that everyday life brings us. It is immune to scratches and cracks so you don’t have to worry about dropping something heavy on it. It is heat resistant and will not burn in contrast to other cheaper surface materials. Last but not least, it is mildew and mould resistant, making it perfect for usage in wet rooms, like the bathroom.

Easy to maintain

Since Caesarstone is a stain resistant surface it will take very serious dirt to damage it. Even if you don’t swipe some food splatter that got on the benchtop immediately, it will need just some hot water or some marble-specific detergent at most. Virtually all stains can be removed with ease from this exquisite material. In addition, Caesarstone is very seriously coated so it will never need further sealing or polishing.

A Wide Variety of Colours

Some of the popular Caesarstone colours we provide are Vanilla Noir, Organic White, Almond Rocca, Creme Brule and Ocean Foam. View the rest of the Caesarstone colours we offer in our Stone Gallery. We are sure that you will find something that matches your taste!

When it comes to Caesarstone suppliers – Emperor Stone is the name you should be looking for! No matter if you are a contractor or homeowner – tell us your idea and we can make it happen. Send us your free query now via phone, email or a message on our website!

Together we can bring those dreamy ideas into reality!

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