Silestone is an engineered stone made from 90% Quartz, color pigments and resins. It is a very reliable and attracting-looking material that can be used in many house areas.

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Our company, Emperor Stone one of the leading Silestone Suppliers in Adelaide. As well as in the bathroom, setting up a Silestone Kitchen is very popular at the moment. If you are going to remodel your kitchen soon, have a look at our options! If you already researched the topic you probably noticed the differences between Silestone and Granite. Here are the benefits from using the former:

Scratch resistance

Silestone Quartz is very durable as it is made from mostly natural-stone thus making it immune to external wear or accidental damage.With this engineered stone you don’t have to worry about cracks and scratches anymore and you can simply enjoy your cooking rituals.

Of course, you have to be careful about the origin of your Silestone purchase as some cheaper variants are made from less natural ingredients thus making them less reliable. Emperor Stone guarantees that our Silestone tiles are made by only the highest quality materials and methods!

Antibacterial Features

The Silestone that we offer are made via an advanced coating technology which leaves no gaps whatsoever. Moreover, the resins that are featured in Silestone include microbe killing agents. This means that no bacteria or viruses can multiply in the fissures and furthermore you will never need to seal your benchtop.

Stain resistance

When we are cooking it is quite normal for parts of the sauce to splatter or spill on the benchtop. Sometimes when we are in the middle of cooking and in a hurry we don’t swipe the mess immediately. If you have a granite top you probably know that everything is absorbed quite fast. With Silestone this is a problem of the past. Even if the stains sat there for a couple of hours you can remove them with just hot water and a sponge.

Wide Color Range

We provide various Silestone colours, including Silver Lake, Pearl Jasmine or Charcoal Soapstone, check out our Silestone Lagoon option! At Emperor Stone we also have some more extravagant ones that can be viewed in our Stone Gallery. We can also supply the Cosentino Silestone color range like Eternal Serena, Colonial White, Stellar Snow or Tigris Sand.

Silestone can be purchased at different sizes and thickness, making them suitable for both house owners, designers, builders and contractors.

View the Emperor Stone website and tell us if you like something. Send us a free query or give us a phone call and we will provide more information and possible solutions!

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