Island Benchtop

Island Benchtop

Looking for a Kitchen Island in Adelaide? Look no further! At Emperor Stone we offer custom kitchen islands that can satisfy the needs of every builder, architect or houseowner. Here are just some of the benefits that you gain by owning a kitchen island:

Extra Storage Space

One of the main pluses of kitchen islands is that they are generating extra space. We offer various types of models that can suit your exact needs and we can customize every option even more. Never struggle with less space for your kitchen accessories again. The two main contrasting options are to have lots of cabinets under the granite top or to fit a big electrical appliance like a dishwasher, for example.

More Seating Options

We have options for Kitchen islands with seating, which are perfect to accommodate family and friends while the dinner is still being prepared. On a casual supper meeting you can invite up to six persons if you own a big island. Of course, with a very small one the comfortable seating places will be two. Consider that adding an overhang would transform your island into a designated dining area.

Additional Room for Appliances

Have you ever wondered where to put that new kitchen robot or blender? Buying a Kitchen Island will solve all problems from this type. After situating the island, you can hook up everything additional that you need like electricity outlets, plumbing and gas.

It can be a Separate Kitchen-station

Hooking up plumbing and a sink is the most common feature of a kitchen island. This makes it a totally independent workstation for cooking. Let’s say that you have a big dinner party coming up but before that you and your husband/wife are all day at work. You come home at 18:00 but have less than two hours to prepare all the food. When you have to separate cooking places you can join forces and prepare everything necessary much faster!

What Additional Accessories Can We Add?

If you don’t have that much space in your kitchen we offer a portable kitchen island that can be used only when needed. The rolling wheels at the bottom of the island make it easy to move from one room to another.

If you need something small this can be arranged also. Contact us and let’s discuss your small kitchen island ideas. We want to make your ideas come to life, so let’s hear them out!

If you want something more elegant we offer island tops with a waterfall end that provide that ultimate deluxe look. This waterfall end can be applied to both sides and is available with two joints – mitred and butt.

So if you already see how our islands can compliment your kitchen – give us a call or contact us via email! Buying a Kitchen Island with Granite Tops is now easier with Emperor Stone!

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