Do you want to build a beautiful kitchen or bathroom that is will also stay in perfect conditions for many years to come? You don’t believe us that this is possible – have you heard about Essastone then?

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Essastone is an engineered stone made from 95% natural quartz, raisin coating and pigments. It is very used in houses, bars, commercial and business buildings. Emperor Stone is one of the biggest retailers of Essastone in the Adelaide area and is here to bring you only quality materials. We can provide all the shapes, sizes and thickness of tiles you can imagine, to serve any design and construction work. Choosing Essastone means you get:

A Premium Type of Surface

Essastone benchtops are preferred by builders, architects, designers and homeowners because of their appealing look and reliability. Our products are an excellent choice for everybody that wants to show an exceptional sense of design.

As Essastone is made mostly from quartz it is essentially very hard as a material and would withstand any accidental damage. It is scratch and impact resistant, making it very suitable for kitchen islands and benchtops, bathroom vanities, splashbacks, tables and even flooring. It all depends on the way how you see your interior design.

Essastone is suitable for outdoor usage as well. It goes perfectly well in the garden, around your outdoor kitchen corner or barbeque. It is heat and acid resistant, meaning that it will not burn like other cheaper benchtop alternatives.

An Easily Maintained Material

As it is an engineered stone and furthermore a non porous surface, the Essastone Crystallite is very easy to be maintained. A simple sponge with hot water will do the trick for mild dirt. For some heavier pollution we recommend the usage of a surface or glass cleaner. After that it will be as clean as a whistle.

Various Colours

Our colour options range from classic European designs to very modern industrial ones. Some of the most preferred Essastone colours by our customers are Saint Moritz, Bisque Cloud, Fino Venato and Sandstone Cape. Have a look at our exclusive Essastone French Black option and check the others we provide in our Stone Gallery. We are sure that you will like something!

If having an Essastone kitchen or bathroom sound alluring to you, contact us! We provide a free query to all our customers! Ask us about the warranty we provide. Call us or send us an email with your requirements and we will tell you what the best options are.

Let’s make your home a piece of art, that is ready for the interior design magazines!

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