An Expert Guide to design a Dream Kitchen space

Design a Dream Kitchen space

Planning a perfect kitchen is not as easy as it may seem. It is an exciting and stressful job at the same time. Unlike the conventional kitchens that were just confined to cooking, the modern kitchen space is used for multiple purposes, from dining to entertainment. Emperor stone has come up with the best ideas to design an aesthetically appealing kitchen with Stone Kitchen Benchtops. We are a leading Kitchen Stone Supplier Adelaide, with years of expertise in Stone Kitchen Benchtops Installation and services.

Kitchen benchtops provide functionality to the kitchen and enhance your kitchen space, which is a crucial element in your cooking space. Although, with innovation in technology and engineering, we now have comprehensive options when selecting ideal Kitchen benchtops for your modern kitchen area.

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How to plan a Modern yet Functional Kitchen?

1. List all the essential elements you need for your kitchen space:

We all know what works best for us, which is the same for kitchen planning. The first thing in planning a gorgeous-looking kitchen is to list down the things that make cooking a fun task for you. After all, who likes to cook in a lifeless kitchen? Visualise all the features that are a must for a dream kitchen.

2. Set a budget:

Don’t forget to set a realistic budget for your kitchen remodelling. You must include small things like lighting, plumbing, flooring, labour, and decor. A vital tip to cut down is to consider the existing items that can be recycled or reused. You should also add 10% over the finances for any unpredicted cost.

3. Think about a Kitchen layout that meets your requirements:

Ask yourself questions like “How would you like to use your kitchen? Is there any other design that best suits your kitchen space?”. Take advice from your kitchen planner or family members to know their perspective on an ideal layout. Ask them if they like a U-shaped, L-shaped, or an open theme kitchen layout. To make your kitchen more efficient, keep your refrigerator, hob, and sink close to each other.

4. Research kitchen ideas that can be helpful:

Browse through pictures of modern kitchens online or from home decor magazines and take inspiration from the design ideas of the luxurious kitchen. Modern kitchens have a minimalist look with built-in appliances and fitted storage. Think of appealing color schemes that complement other parts of your house too.

5. Plan a Kitchen Island:

Do you want your messy countertop to look clean and tidy? Then Kitchen Islands can be a life-saving option. A kitchen -island not only gives extra space for storing your kitchen utensils but also adds an aesthetic element to your cooking area. Planning a Kitchen Island can be a good decision for several reasons.

6. Choose the suitable material for your kitchen benchtops:

Selecting a proper material for your kitchen countertops will not only enhance the look of your kitchen space but will also serve the purpose of adding life to the same. Natural stone, Granite, Engineered Stone, and Quartz are popular choices for Stone Kitchen Benchtops. Stainless Steel and 

7. Consider Kitchen Cabinets requirements:

Kitchen cabinets are as essential as the benchtops and flooring. Alongside the colors and material you select for your kitchen cabinets, you should also ensure they are in perfect proportion and balance with the other elements. Also, remember that you can repaint walls or replace the backsplash, but you are less likely to replace the cabinetry.

8. Choose the Kitchen flooring and lighting:

Although natural lighting is perfect for any kitchen, you must think of additional lighting elements that will give you a satisfying cooking experience. Ceiling spotlights and Task lighting can be added for a more functional kitchen.

While resin and concrete flooring are suitable for contemporary kitchens, one can also consider laminate and Vinyl as pocket-friendly options. Ceramic, stone, and porcelain are other alternatives for kitchen flooring if your budget allows you.

9. Create enough space for kitchen appliances:

Kitchen appliances are considerably large and wide in length occupying more space in your dream space. If you want a clean space in your kitchen area, consider having a built-in -oven, vacuum drawer, or dishwashing drawer in your kitchen layout. Technology in extractor systems also has been advanced exceptionally well, with ceiling-hung hoods and hoods concealed in cabinetry and hobs with integrated extractors. 

The points mentioned above can be a great help if you are renovating your kitchen or planning to build a new one. But, Kitchen Benchtops is the most essential of all points that can add value and life to your kitchen. 

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Why Should You Go for Stone Kitchen Benchtops?

While several alternatives from Stainless steel to wooden, laminated countertops are available in the market, Natural Stone and Engineered Stone Benchtops have been popular choices for Modern Stone Benchtops in Adelaide.

1. Granite Benchtops Adelaide:

The second most expensive material after Marble, Granite not only makes an exquisite kitchen benchtop, but it can also withstand high pressure. Its splash-resistance properties make it even more desirable with a wide variety of eye-catching colours and designs.

2. Marble Kitchen Benchtops:

The most elegant type of natural stone, the Marble stone Benchtops is a classic and sophisticated option for modern kitchen benchtops. Although it demands extreme upkeep as stains and spills can damage the look. And they are pretty expensive than other materials. But, if you are looking for that extraordinary look and style, you must go for the Marble Benchtops.

3. Engineered Stone Benchtops:

This is the most popular material for kitchen countertops and island benchtops. A mixture of Quartz with resins yields an outstanding product that is highly durable and easy to clean. It comes in exciting colours, from bright to dark greys. One can go for a solid pattern or can have flecks of multiple colour stones depending upon their taste. The non-porous surface of Engineered Stone makes them stain-proof and does not demand significant maintenance.

We hope the above steps can help you create your dream space. Contact us if you need help designing a modern, trendy, luxurious kitchen for your home. Emperor stone is one of the best Kitchen Benchtops Suppliers in Adelaide.

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