Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertop for your Home

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertop for your Home

Our home kitchen is often a place where we create and express our love to our families. This is why it needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We should feel comfortable and let our wings spread. If we say that a kitchen is a place of creation then the countertop is our “workbench”. As we live in a free global market, the variety of products expands daily. In the past we could choose only from a couple of countertop-aimed materials but now it is one of the most varied kitchen accessory there is.  

This is why in this article we are going to help you in choosing the right kitchen countertop for your home. Since nowadays countertops take a big area in your kitchen, they need to be adapted to your interior and this is what produces the need of a wide style assortment. It is always better to choose a material and design that coincides with your aesthetic vision – do not make compromises as we don’t replace a countertop every year!   

What Questions Should We Ask Ourselves in Advance?

Choosing the right countertop for your home should mix your aesthetic vision and purpose you see. Before choosing the correct palette it might be a good idea to think about these questions:

  • What is more important – the looks or the “features”?

We all want to have an amazing countertop that will impress all our guests but don’t neglect the practicality factor as it is going to be a place of “work” after all.

  • Are you going to use your countertops daily or not that much?

This question might be a sequel to the previous one as it may give you an answer on what is more important. If you love cooking or have a big family then your countertop will be probably used every single day. For this reason you will need something that will last longer like granite, laminate or an engineered stone.

  • What is more important – practicality or less maintenance and a cheaper material?

When we go for an affordable option that Laminate should be one of our first choices. Granite will be more expensive but is also a very durable material – especially some darker colors.

  • What kind of durability are you looking for?

In time popular surfaces like wood and metal will show changes in color and may face damage from scratches. If you want to keep your kitchen top in the best shape possible for the maximum amount of time you need to go with quartz or lava stone surfaces.

  • Do you want an eco-friendly material?

If you want to buy a countertop made from sustainable materials there are options for you as well! Nowadays companies offer kitchen tops from composed/recycled materials. Reclaimed wood is a good eco-friendly alternative that you should check out.

  • How annoying are maintenance activities for you?   

If you want a surface that requires little to no maintenance then you should review the laminate options, as well as engineered stones/quartz or lava stone. On the other hand, naturall stones and wood require regular maintenance activities, including sealing. Don’t lie to yourself, take the most realistic decision!  

  • Do you care about the edge design?

Keep in mind that if you want a fancier edge design you will need to pay a higher price, as they require more time and effort to be produced. If keeping things cheap is important to you that you should probably choose a less elaborate corner, especially if you’re going with a stone countertop.

What are the Most Popular Options?

Kitchen Countertop for your Home
  • Laminate

Laminate is an affordable material with a limitless range of colors that is easily maintained but is not heat or scratch tolerant. Edges are visible and chips are not easily repaired.

  • Natural Stone

Choosing a natural stone means getting the most beautiful option there is, it should last forever if maintained properly. However this maintenance is very time consuming as  natural stone is porous, can crack and may require sealing.

  • Wood

If you go with a wooden countertop you will get a warmer surface than its stone equivalent that also looks very god…yet it is not so durable and may scratch, need periodic resealing and may be easily affected by water.

  • Engineered Stone

The look of the engineered stone is the most closest to the aesthetics of the natural stone. It is also durable as the natural stone but is stain resistant and non-porous. Another good feature is that it may be offered in a wide gamma of colors. Of course, for the quality you get its price is also higher as it depending on the color and edge profiles it may be similar to the price of a natural stone.

If you are more aware what you should look for after reading this blog post hop on to Emperor Stone’s website and have a look what they offer. Their wide selection of materials and styles should please every aesthetic and practical need.

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