How To Choose the Perfect Bathroom Vanities for Your Home

When we plan to renovate or buy a new house, we often tend to emphasize more on bedrooms and kitchens that we completely forget to style our bathroom vanities. The bathroom is as essential as your kitchen, bedroom or lounge area and needs careful planning as it is an integral part of your house. Bathroom vanities are important piece of furniture that makes your shower room more appealing with their unique aesthetic properties. However, one must consider some critical factors such as the size of the bathroom, budget, design, and storage space required before choosing a bathroom vanity for their dream home. 

This blog will help you choose the best bathroom vanities in Adelaide that are a perfect fit for your family and your new home.

Ways To Choosing Bathroom Vanities

The selection of totally functional, stylish, and budget-friendly bathroom vanities is challenging and exhausting for many of us. Planning a practical and elegant vanity involves minor detailing and attention. Here is your guide to picking the perfect bathroom vanity that is both aesthetic and functional.

 1). Consider Who Will Utilize It and How:

The very first thing when you plan to choose a bathroom vanity is to know who is going to use it. For instance, if you are a family of four and need a bathroom vanity for your kid’s bathroom, you could go with kid-friendly vanity ideas like having enough space for bath toy storage, using a step stool, etc.

Similarly, if you love doing your hair and makeup in the bathroom, you’ll need more space and storage to accommodate your skincare products. Thus, when you design a bathroom vanity, ensure it serves the proper purpose for the right person.

2). Determine the Location of Your Plumbing:

The location of the plumbing decides the place of your vanity in most cases, as making changes to it can be expensive and time-consuming. Although it is possible to relocate the plumbing, it can significantly affect the overall look of your vanity. While bathroom vanities placed on the floor uses a standard layout, wall-mounted vanities provide more flexibility with the relocation of plumbing hookups.

3). Examine Possible Obstacles to Verify The Placement and Measure:

A bathroom has a relatively small area for setting up vanity, and the placement options are also limited. When deciding on a bathroom vanity, one must pay close attention to bathroom fixtures like shower, bathtub, toilet, and doors, which can cause hindrances for your expensive vanity. For example, bathroom doors swinging inwards and colliding with vanity cabinets can damage the furniture. The position of the toilet is also a deciding factor when choosing a vanity.  

Would you like one far from the toilet, besides it, or in front of the toilet? The final decision will be yours, but make sure it does not obstruct your path when rushing to go on an urgent “call.”

When you decide on approximate placement, take measurements to estimate the length and width of the vanity countertop based on the factors outlined above. 

4). Identity How Much and What Storage Space You Need:

One of the main advantages of having a bathroom vanity is to have that extra storage space for your morning essentials. From grooming and skincare to hygiene products, vanity cabinets can fit more products if you make the best use of the space available. Decide how many drawers and cabinet columns are enough to fit your bathroom essentials. Most modern bathrooms have enough space to accommodate two to three columns. A pro tip is to add 20% more space than you think you need. 

 5). Specify Your Sink Vanity Style:

Bathroom sinks are not limited to faucets and taps. Bowls are essential in improving the overall appearance of your bathroom vanity.

With a range of bowl sink designs available, you may get the wrong piece and regret it later. The idea is to predict the counter space you will have before installing a sink. Although Vessel sinks are currently in trend, do consider drop-in, undermount, and all-in-one sinks depending on your vanity requirements.

6). Be careful when choosing the best material:

Bathroom vanities are exposed to various objects like water, makeup spills throughout their life span, and cleaning liquids which impact the durability of your counters. Additionally, moisture from steam and showers can damage the surface with the deposition of moulds. Thus, it is crucial to choose a durable material that is both functional to use and exquisite in appearance. Marble, granite, and engineered stone are ideal choices for a durable and elegant bathroom vanity design. The best tip is to choose a water-proof, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean material for lasting bathroom vanity in Adelaide.

 7). Pick one that best suits your Personal Style Choices:

With the above considerations, you can never go wrong with the selection of bathroom vanity. Whether you are buying a new home or planning to renovate your old one, add an element of your personal style to create a Custom bathroom vanity in Adelaide. Choose timeless and evergreen colours to add a visual appeal to your bathroom space. Some popular colours like white, black, and grey make it look versatile with passing trends. Lastly, being creative with your imagination can help you get the vanity of your dream.

Whether you want classic or contemporary vanity designs, the above tips can assist you in creating a timeless bathroom vanity in Adelaide with minimum effort.

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