How to Clean and Care for Your Home’s Stonetop Bench

Your Home’s Stonetop Bench

Keep your Stonetop Bench in Perfect Condition with These Valuable Tips

Our home is our castle. We have to like how it looks and feel comfortable in it, especially in the kitchen as every house owner spends a reasonable amount of time in it. This is where we prepare food for our loved ones and show them that we appreciate them. Having a kitchen countertop made from stone is a modern and splendid way to show your guests that style is important to you.   

Adding a stonetop bench in your kitchen definitely adds a bit of luxury and increases its rating and even price. Of course the market nowadays offers various types of surfaces that can be used for countertops. Some of them are prone to soaking up the odd stain and should be treated on time. 

So in order to enjoy our Kitchen Stonetop Bench for a maximum period of time we bring some valuable tips on how to clean and care for your home’s stonetop bench. Following them will increase the period of perfect condition for your countetop and will save you tons of money.

Learn the Features of Your Specific Surface

Before you even start to think about cleaning you should inform yourself on whether your countertop is made from a porous or non-porous material. For example marble is a beautiful stone but is very prone to soaking up a stain in contrast to Caesarstone, for example which is a non-porous material. 

Fast Reaction is the Key 

Nobody is 100% protected from accidental spills. This is why we have to act fast once something has been accidently spilled. The more it stays on the surface the harder it will be to be cleaned. 

Wipe Often 

The key in keeping a clean stonetop bench is to wipe it as often as possible. The best approach to remove residue that could eventually stain is to wipe with warm soapy water (kitchen cleaner for example). After that always wipe with a clean dry cloth to dry the surface and if you want to add a bit of shine just use a bit of methylated spirits. 

For Bigger Challenges

“When the shit hits the fan” it is always better to use a plastic spatula than any harsh abrasives like steel wool. If you have to deal with a non-porous surface you are advised to use little white cream paste on a wet cloth. Wipe broadly and leave it a bit to soak in. Caesarstone for example have their own variety of cleaning products working for their surfaces. They are scratch resistant so you can be calm that you won’t damage it. 

Protect the Surface

Better to be safe than sorry! A good advice is to put a mat under metal containers to prevent rust spots. When placing a hot bowl or saucepan also put a mat underneath it. 

As you see maitaining your Kitchen Stonetop Bench is not that hard as it seems. Some of the tips are pretty common, but probably this is the first time when you hear some of the others. It takes only a bit of organization to care to maintain your countertop in the perfect condition!

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