Portable Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Your Small Kitchen Space

portable kitchen island design ideas

Kitchen islands are the ideal solution for modern kitchens that require additional countertop space for slicing and preparing your favourite dishes. They make the best use of the centre space of the kitchen and add an aesthetic element with dramatic designs. 

Unfortunately, not every house has enough kitchen space to accommodate a proper kitchen island. That’s when you need to think about having a mobile kitchen island that can be moved aside when not in use. Portable kitchen islands are ideal for small-scale kitchens because they allow your kitchen to breathe when not in use. Whether you are planning to buy kitchen island or design it yourself, this guide on kitchen island design ideas will help create a fully functional kitchen island.

Why Should You Invest in Kitchen Island?

A well-planned kitchen island can be the perfect option when you need extra countertop space for food preparation or storage space to organize your cooking essentials. Generally placed in the centre of the room, the kitchen island works best when preparing breakfast or serving small meals. If you are still deciding whether to invest in an island, try blocking the area with a coffee table or boxes until you are prepared. What makes it more exciting is that it is a lovely place to socialize with guests and family. Buy a kitchen island with seating and enjoy a memorable time with your loved ones while you prepare food.

What is Portable Kitchen Island?

Unlike the traditional kitchen island fixed to the floor surface, portable kitchen islands are armed with wheels to give you more flexibility and convenience with added style. A portable kitchen island can be used in the kitchen when needed, or it can be placed in a corner as a dining table. They come in various sizes, so you can easily fit them in the kitchen whenever you need them.

Advantages of Portable Kitchen Islands

A mobile kitchen island can be used for many purposes. An island on wheels can be stored in the garage or basement or used in small apartments with a limited floor area. The movable feasts can be rolled in when you need them in your kitchen or rolled out when you need extra walking space around the kitchen.

Top 5 Portable Kitchen Island Design Ideas

There are multiple ways you can transform your kitchen island into a masterpiece. From decorating it with extra light fixtures, designing kitchen island with seating to adding pops of colours, you can be wild with your imagination to get a one-of-a-kind mobile kitchen island. Here are some top ideas for designing a statement kitchen island that is both comfortable and unique.

Kitchen Island on Rolling Wheels 

Gone are the days when kitchen islands were fixed to the floor. Sometimes, a fixed kitchen island may create a hindrance, but you still need it for better functioning. In such situations, a portable kitchen island works best with the added benefit of wheels. If your fixed kitchen island in the center is causing problems with serving plates from indoors to out, consider having a mobile kitchen island with rolling wheels and carting it to the corner when it is not in use.

Choose Compact Design

Choosing the right-sized island for your needs is essential to ensuring you have enough space to walk around the island. Small kitchens often lack space to accommodate long, rectangular islands. But that should not stop you from having an island. Anything that gives you enough room to walk around it and is big enough to store your appliances is excellent for a small space. Thus, it would be best to take measurements and choose the right-sized island with a small cabinetry to accommodate utility appliances.

Combine Wine Rack

Complement your kitchen island with a wine fridge and rack, and give wine lovers a reason to appreciate your efforts. The convenient addition of a wine rack to an island saves space and makes it easy to prepare drinks for your guests. Opt for a design incorporating small slots and drawers to store wine bottles and create a versatile and chic island for minimalist decor schemes.

Try Different Materials for Interesting Touch

A state-of-the-art design with superior-quality material creates a standout feature in a small kitchen space. Due to their heat and stain resistance properties, natural and engineered stone and concrete benchtops, as opposed to traditional islands with wooden countertops, are gaining popularity for food prep. A stunning slab of marble or granite placed beautifully on the sides is enough to catch everyone’s attention and gives a sophisticated touch to enhance the look. 

Add a Little Curve

Kitchens are not always meant to be rectangular-shaped. Experimenting with shapes, sizes, and colours will reflect your creative side to the guests. An oval-shaped island or curved breakfast bar with seating on one side offers an inviting space for guests to have a good time.

Now that we’ve given you tips on how to design a beautiful kitchen island, we are sure that you will put all your efforts into creating an impressive kitchen island that stands out from others. Also, if you are planning to buy kitchen island, having sound knowledge of design ideas will expand your choices. Fortunately, many kitchen island types are available on the market to meet your specific needs.

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