How to choose the Right Custom Kitchen Benchtops For Durability And Style

Kitchens are undeniably the best part of any modern home. With many heart-warming conversations and exciting celebrations happening in this part of our home, it holds a special place for most of us. Thus, we take extra care and more time to design our dream kitchen.

The design process in kitchen renovation begins with selecting kitchen benchtop material. As we all use our kitchen space differently, we need custom kitchen benchtops that suit our unique requirements. However, with the range of kitchen benchtop materials available today, it is quite challenging to pick one that is elegant, durable, and economical at the same time. 

Keeping all these things in mind, we have shortlisted some of the materials that are ideal for designing custom kitchen benchtops.

Top 6 Kitchen Benchtop Materials To Choose For A Modern Kitchen

Engineered Stone:

Engineered stones are all aesthetic, with various options available to custom-fit modern kitchen benchtops. Engineered stone is manufactured by combining 90% quarts aggregates with polymer resin. It mimics the colour and texture of natural granite and slate. Those who are untrained can not easily spot the difference between engineered stone and Natural stone benchtops.

Quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain, and their solid surface is free of pores and fissures, which makes them perfect for kitchen benchtops. The heat-proof, scratch and stain-resistant material of engineered stones add life to your kitchen and enhances the overall appearance at the same time.

Many interior designers prefer engineered stone to give a stylish look to custom kitchen benchtops in Adelaide.


Granite is among the popular kitchen benchtop materials available and undoubtedly the best choice for designing custom kitchen benchtops in Adelaide.. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for various applications, including island benchtops, bathroom vanities, outdoor surfaces, and fireplace surroundings.

Available in a range of different patterns, colours, and finishes, Granite is highly durable and excellent for daily kitchen use. Its heat-resistant properties make it a safe alternative for cooking purposes. Note that Kitchen countertops are the focal point of any kitchen. So, you must ensure that the material you use creates the right impression for visitors. 

What makes it even better is that every slab of Granite has a unique appeal, which means no two granite slabs are similar in appearance, making your kitchen stand out from others. However, Granite benchtops must be sealed to prevent the surface from damage due to spills and fluids. If maintained properly, Granite benchtops can last a lifetime, adding value to your home. Install high-end granite countertops in your new home, so you will never have to stress about scratches, stains and spills again.


We heard that you have a love for marbles. Well, we love them too. But, here we want to share some never heard before secrets that will make you get Marble for your custom kitchen benchtop in a flash. This timeless and evergreen material enhances the overall look of your kitchen. It catches guests’ attention instantly. The natural stone material is heat resistant to an extent and adds a bold and beautiful feature to your home. 

However, a few downsides of using Marble are worth mentioning here. It requires great care and maintenance and is relatively softer than other materials making it prone to crack. If not cleaned straight away, the acidic liquids and harsh chemicals will stain and damage the surface. Although Marble is a little more expensive than other benchtop materials, it gives more depth to your kitchen space with a classic look.

Natural Stone:

 While Marble and granite are irreplaceable countertop materials, there are other natural stones that you can use to enhance the kitchen’s value and appearance. Try something different this time with travertine counters and add a distinct value with different coulours and patterns. 

Travertine is soft, versatile, comes in natural hues, and works fantastic for commercial and residential use. What’s more interesting about this material is its water-resistant properties and high durability, which are perfect for long-lasting use. Make sure to clean the Travertine benchtop surface regularly to keep them in top condition. Travertine benchtops are available in a range of styles and textures and improve the overall aesthetic of your home.


The use of Porcelain is not limited to fine china anymore. Porcelain kitchen benchtops are gaining popularity for their easy-to-clean and durability features and extremely elegant aesthetics. Moreover, the material is highly resistant to scratch, heat, and liquids, making it a great product to use as a kitchen benchtop. Porcelain can easily mimic the look of natural stone, wood, and concrete. 

Various textures can be achieved because of fine grain-like particles on its surface. Porcelain is a perfect material for outdoor benchtops, as it is resistant to UV rays and can retain its natural colour throughout its lifetime. Porcelain slabs are available in various thicknesses and can be cut into different sizes to match your countertop requirements.

Although one should know the disadvantages of Porcelain benchtops before installing them, it can be very heavy to install if you plan to use a high-density Porcelain slab. It may chip or shatter if you drop heavy items on its surface. Porcelain has visible seams and joins, which destroy the overall look if not uniform. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose Marble or engineered stone benchtops, Emperor stone would love to turn your dream design into reality with custom benchtops in Adelaide. We create and supply unique, stylish, and durable benchtop designs that perfectly fit your family’s needs. 

We hope the above information helps you make an informed decision when choosing the right material for a custom kitchen benchtop.

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