Top 6 Kitchen Benchtop Materials to Choose for a Modern Kitchen

top kitchen benchtop materials to choose

Renovating your old kitchen or designing a kitchen for your brand new home, kitchen benchtops are critical components in every modern home. With most kitchen chores performed on the countertops, it is essential that you love your kitchen benchtops. We all desire a benchtop material that stands out from traditional and ordinary countertops. 

While Stone Kitchen Benchtop Adelaide and Engineered Benchtop Adelaide are perfect for benchtop material, we will also discover other benchtop materials that offer a long life to your kitchen countertops.

While so many factors contribute to the ideal kitchen benchtops, choosing a benchtop material that complements other areas of your dream home becomes challenging. That’s why we’ve shared the top 6 benchtop materials that meet your expectations of custom kitchen benchtops.

1. Marble Benchtops:

Marble is a natural stone that offers an alluring look to your kitchen stone benchtops. It is timeless and glamorous, but it costs an arm and a leg and needs excellent care and maintenance.

Pros: Marble offers a luxurious look to your modern kitchen. The timeless natural stone material is available in different patterns to meet your kitchen requirements.

Cons: The outstanding quality of marble makes it a little more expensive than other countertop materials. Besides this, the material is prone to stains and scratches. Hence, it demands excellent care and maintenance after installation. 

2. Engineered Stone Benchtops:

After natural stone, Engineered Stone Benchtops have become popular for contemporary kitchens. Engineered benchtops Adelaide have numerous advantages and more choices for color and pattern.

Engineered stone is manufactured by combining 90% crushed quartz with polymer resin to give a binding effect. Additional materials like metals, shells, and colored glass are used to enhance the aesthetic properties of the benchtops.

Besides Quantum quartz, other engineered benchtops in Adelaide, such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Smart stone, and Essa stone, will spoil you for choices.


They are easy to clean and are highly resistant to heat, scratches, and cracking. Engineered stone benchtops do not require sealing like Granite.


One of the significant drawbacks of engineered stone benchtops is they are less heat resistant than Granite, and exposure to high temperatures may cause cracking. Care should be taken while placing hot utensils, and it is advised that you use hot pads or trivets to avoid any damage.

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3. Granite Benchtops:

Granite benchtops offer high quality while giving a luxurious look to your cooking space. The natural stone is low in maintenance with high resistance to heat and stain. The high durability of Granite makes it even more desirable for designing long-lasting Custom Kitchen Benchtops.

Pros: Granite slabs come in different colors to match your existing color schemes. The second most expensive material after marble, Granite benchtops offer value for money. These types of kitchen benchtops can help you perform clumsy cooking tasks with great ease. Warm water and soap can work like magic on the Granite surface.

Cons: Granite is porous, and its surface needs to be sealed from time to time. The countertops can absorb liquids such as juices, water, and oil when left unsealed. Also, Granite is heavy in weight and can put pressure on your kitchen cabinetry.

4. Polished Concrete Benchtops:

These are the current favorite benchtop materials for a modern and minimalist kitchen. Polished concrete benchtops are available in a wide range of colors and textures and add a style statement when complemented with the right design aesthetics.


Concrete provides sturdy, easy-to-maintain, heat-resistant benchtops for a long-lasting kitchen. They can be a good choice for stylish, customized kitchen benchtops.


Using polished concrete for your kitchen benchtop can be expensive. It can be a little more costly than top-quality Engineered stone benchtops like Caesarstone. The labor work that goes for the fabrication of the material raises the price of the concrete benchtops. The porous surface of concrete can absorb liquids.

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5. Laminate benchtops:

Laminate countertops offer a budget-friendly solution for your kitchen countertops. It is made from chipboard, ply, or MDF coated with a clear sheet of Melamine. Laminate benchtops are available in many colors and textures, with gloss and matte finishes.

Pros: The smooth surface of the Laminate benchtop is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Moreover, this inexpensive benchtop material can imitate the look of deluxe materials such as marble and Granite. Laminate benchtops are lighter in weight and can be easily installed at home.

Cons: It can easily chip, and the melamine layer gets broken if you drop a heavy item on the surface. Water can seep into the melamine layer, and it can result in the expansion of the chipboard. Laminate surface looks old and dull when damaged.

6. Timber benchtops:

The timber benchtop is the best choice when you wish to add a unique wooden theme to your kitchen that matches your home decor. They are timeless and can go well with modern and traditional kitchens. 

While ready-made timber benchtops are usually low in cost, Custom kitchen benchtops made from rare and high-quality wood can be pricey.

Pros: Timber material is durable and can be recycled when necessary. It offers an eco-friendly option for your modern kitchen. Timber benchtops add natural aesthetic features to your kitchen space with light to darker shades and textures. 

Cons: Timber benchtops are more vulnerable to staining, chipping, and scratching. This type of benchtop needs to be sealed at the installation time and must be recoated when the coating wears off. Overall, if you want to use timber for your kitchen benchtops, you must be attentive when you use the surface.

All these six benchtop materials are in high demand for the longevity and luxurious effect they offer for a dream kitchen space. Emperor Stone is a leading kitchen Stone supplier Adeliade that will guide you with the trending Stone Kitchen benchtops that meet your expectations of a classic and comfortable kitchen. Get in touch with us to get a suitable benchtop material for your kitchen island!

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