Top 10 Modern Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Top 10 Modern kitchen splashback ideas

Are you looking for unique kitchen splashback ideas that can transform your conventional kitchen space into a trendy and luxurious kitchen? Designing kitchen splashbacks that stand out from the ordinary kitchen can be stressful for many of us. We’ve got you covered. There are countless kitchen splashback ideas to decorate the empty wall space above your countertop, but only the right idea can transform it into a perfect modern backsplash.

Let’s look at how to style your kitchen splashback and create a customized kitchen splashback in Adelaide. This guide will also give information on how to use a wide range of materials available and give a fresh new look to your kitchen with creative ideas.

Mirror Splashback:

Want to give more depth to your kitchen space? Mirror splashback does the job by making the space look double its actual size. A combination of mirror splashback with white kitchen furnishings enhances natural light with its reflective nature and adds an aesthetic to your kitchen. 

Metal Splashback:

Metal splashbacks are both functional and elegant. They prevent your walls from staining and perfectly complement your kitchen benchtop. Available in different finishes, from natural brass and bronzed brass to aged copper metal splashbacks, they create unique and beautiful splashbacks for your kitchen. They are low maintenance and can be cut to size to fit above your benchtops.

Window Splashback:

Window kitchen is ideal for those who want to be connected with nature with a view of their outdoor space. Perfect for families with kids, window splashbacks provide plenty of sunlight and a breathtaking view of your garden.

Window kitchen splashbacks need great commitment for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Additionally, they hinder home owner’s privacy and can be a major concern for the safety of their family. However, it makes your kitchen look spacious and can be a perfect choice for smaller kitchens.

Glass Splashback:

With an extremely textured look, Glass splashbacks are trending in 2022. A right glass kitchen splashback can make a huge difference and reflect more light into the kitchen, making it look bigger and better.

Glass kitchen splashback with LED lights are a safe, smart, and modern way to update an old and boring kitchen. Glass splashbacks with LED lights are quite popular and gives visual appeal to guests. They are practical in use and low maintenance, and heat-resistant. 

Available in different colors and patterns, glass splashbacks are easy to customize and can be cut into any size and shape. Glass Splashbacks in Adelaide are quite expensive than traditional tile splashbacks. However, it is all worth the money if you want to give a rich look to your home kitchen.

Tiled Kitchen Splashback:

Tile kitchen splashbacks are timeless and classic. They can transform a dull kitchen into a live space with a range of colors and textures. Tile kitchen splashbacks are cost-effective, easy to install and clean and maintain. However, one needs help installing it and professionals who can do the job for you.

Subway tiles with cleaner lines are quite popular for those who want a modern twist in their retro kitchen. The best thing about tile splashback is their moisture-resistant properties add more life and value to your home. 

Stone Splashback:

No matter how advanced the trends in the market will be, no material can replace natural material like stone splashback. They are durable and easy to maintain, adding a touch of luxury to the kitchen. 

Natural stones like Granite and marble are durable and heat-resistant and have been popular for many years. Composite or engineered stones like Caesarstone are non-porous, long-lasting, and stain-resistant. They come in different sizes and patterns and can be a wise investment in your kitchen. 

Engineered stone splashbacks are extensively popular among home buyers and interior designers for several reasons. With Quartz being one of the hardest materials on the earth, engineered stone kitchen splashback offers high durability and scratch-resistant properties. 

Wallpaper Splashback: 

Wallpaper splashback is a practical and cheaper alternative to traditional tiling splashback. As crazy as it may sound, wallpaper splashback offers an opportunity to update your kitchen without compromising. The easy-to-install kitchen wallpaper is heat-resistant and comes in various designs. As many of us live in rental accommodation, wallpaper splashback makes an ideal choice for rental kitchen decor and prevents kitchen walls from stains.

Peel and Stick Splashback:

Need a quick and easy kitchen splashback idea? Peel-and-stick splashback with adhesive backing can be a good option for those who love to try their hands at kitchen design. All you need to do is peel off the adhesive and stick it firmly on the kitchen walls, seal around the edges with a silicon sealant, and have a customized kitchen splashback that mimics the look of a real tile at an affordable price.

Acrylic Splashback:

Want to add colours to your kitchen? What can be a better option than acrylic splashback? Most interior designers suggest acrylic splashback to give a stylish look and feel to any home and office kitchen. Acrylic splashbacks are tough and hygienic as their non-porous surface protects them from fluid and bacteria. They are easy to clean and maintain and are half the cost of Glass Kitchen Splashbacks.

The only downside of the acrylic splashback is that they are less heat-resistant and can not be installed directly behind the cooktops. But acrylic splashbacks won’t disappoint if you love decorating your kitchen space with red, olive, ivory, and titan. Think about having a customized acrylic kitchen splashback Adelaide designed to give your kitchen area a new definition and identity.


Designing a fabulous kitchen demands a lot of effort and creative skills from every person involved. Whether you go for a stone kitchen splashback or a glass kitchen splashback keeping different alternatives in mind can be a game changer. With so many creative and colorful designs readily available, one can transform their kitchen into a live space and add an element of their personality with their choice of kitchen splashback. 

Remember to research the latest trends in the market before renovating your kitchen. A few key trends in kitchen splashback the becoming popular in 2022. Like, homeowners are going crazy for bolder colors and patterns. Moreover, the generation is becoming more conscious about environmental protection and choosing sustainable solutions and eco-friendly materials that can be easily recycled.Whether you are renovating your home or moving to a brand new house, the above splashback ideas can transform your kitchen into a luxurious space and make you proud of yourself for investing in the right splashback material. Contact your stone Kitchen Stone Supplier Adelaide to design and install a fully-functional, budget-friendly, and long-lasting splashback that satisfies all your kitchen needs.

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